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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Company in Mesa, AZ

Living in this part of the country means that you really need a great air conditioning system with which to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hottest time of the year. While it's pretty obvious that "Air Conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air (primarily temperature andhumidity) to more comfortable conditions" (Wikipedia) it is more easily said than done. And, we never recommend you try to install, or even choose, a unit by yourself. We suggest consulting a professional, since a unit that is both too small or too large is going to yield poor quality cooling. That is why you must do your research and choose the Trane AC unit that is most well-suited to your individual needs. Additionally, you must know for certain that your system is appropriately sized for your home, and that it is installed and serviced by qualified, experienced professionals. That may sound like a tall order, but you need only dial our number to guarantee that this is the case.

At North Wind Mechanical, we understand how important your comfort is, which is why we employ some of the finest AC technicians in the industry. We install systems manufactured by trusted names, and our team has the training and knowledge that they need to keep your system up and running at peak performance and efficiency levels. When you need air conditioning services in Mesa, AZ, we are the pros to call

WE OFFER AC REPAIRs For MEsa Home Owners

We’d love to tell you that investing in a good system and having it professionally installed means that you’ll never encounter operational problems of any kind with your air conditioning system, but this is simply not the reality of the situation. No mechanical system is perfect, and the extensive use that your air conditioner is sure to see out in the Arizona climate means that some wear and tear is inevitable. Professional installation can go a long way towards preventing many issues with your AC unit, but some is simply unavoidable. If you look at this list provided by, you can see many of the most common air conditioning repairs that are performed across the country. A few that we see quite often here in Mesa are:

  • Refrigerant: This is the most important aspect of the AC system, since without it there would be nothing to actually make the air cold! The air conditioning unit recycles the refrigerant in order to move the heat out of the home and to keep your home cool and comfortable. A leak in this line will not only make your home less comfortable, but is a leading culprit of skyrocketing cooling costs. 
  • Short Cycling: If your unit turns off and on every few minutes for no reason, your unit is suffering from short cycling,. Whether this is caused by a faulty thermostat that is sending the wrong temperature signals or a faulty compressor, you need to give us a call. We can properly diagnose and repair this and get you back to comfort. 

While routine air conditioning maintenance can certainly keep repair needs as few and far between as possible, you will need to have your system repaired at some point. You can count on North Wind Mechanical for prompt and effective air conditioning repairs in Mesa, AZ.

Choosing Your New Air Conditioning System

If you are looking for an AC to be installed in a brand new property, or if you have to replace an old, ailing system, then you should take care to review all of your options before deciding which system that you’ll invest in. Just because you’ve always used a central air conditioning system in the past, for instance, doesn’t mean that there isn’t another system out there that is even more well–suited to your needs. Ductless systems are great for those looking to avoid issues with leaking ductwork, for instance, and both they and ducted heat pumps can double as heaters during the cooler time of the year. Evaporative coolers are also available, and are particularly well–suited to use in our climate. We’re confident that we can recommend the perfect Trane system for you at a price that you can live with! And you can rest assured that our NATE certified technicians will get the job done right the first time. In fact, overall, NATE certified techs have an average of 12.9% fewer callbacks due to the higher level of experience and training. 

Schedule Professional Installation or Replacement

The installation of your air conditioning system is really not the place to cut corners. All whole–house cooling systems must be installed by qualified professionals. Before the installation itself, your AC system must be carefully sized. Bigger is not inherently better when it comes to a cooling system, and an oversized AC is going to be just as problematic as an undersized system. We’ll complete a cooling load calculation in order to determine just how much cooling power your system is going to need. Once we’ve determined the appropriate size of your air conditioner, we’ll go about completing the actual installation or replacement with the devotion to exceptional workmanship and quality Trane products that defines our service.