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AC Running in Short Bursts? It’s Called Short Cycling, and It’s a Problem

While much of the country is looking forward to moving into the cooler fall season, those of us in the Southwest know that we are going to be living in considerable heat for a good while longer. When you rely upon your air conditioner as much as you surely do in our geographic region, you need to know for certain that it is functioning precisely as it ought to be.

If your air conditioner is running in short bursts, starting up and then rapidly shutting back down, it’s pretty obvious that this is not the case. Don’t convince yourself that it’s not a big enough deal to warrant a call to your AC professionals. Short cycling not only negatively affects your comfort, but puts your air conditioner in Mesa, AZ at risk, as well.

What Exactly Causes Short Cycling?

As is so often the case with air conditioning system problems, short cycling may be the result of a few different underlying issues. They vary in terms of severity, and some you can even resolve on your own. However, because it could be any number of different issues, it is important to have a trained professional assess the situation and diagnose the problem for you.

First off, it may just be that you’ve got a very dirty air filter in your HVAC system. If this is the case, simply replacing that filter can resolve the problem. Remaining diligent in replacing your filter regularly will help to prevent the problem from recurring. We should note that refrigerant leaks can have much the same effect as a dirty air filter, including the icing of your evaporator coil, so it is definitely important to have a professional determine the precise nature of the problem.

Your thermostat may also be malfunctioning, registering temperatures inaccurately and signalling your system to shut down prematurely. If this is the case, replacing or re-calibrating the thermostat should resolve the problem. It’s also possible that your AC is just too big for your home, and that it is cooling it too quickly. In that case, replacement is the only solution.

Short cycling wastes energy, driving up your bills as it uses more electricity than it should by starting up over and over. It also puts a lot of wear and tear on your system, which increases the risk of operational problems and a shortened lifespan. It’s a serious issue, but one that we can help you to resolve.

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