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Don’t Ignore Strange Sounds Coming from Your AC!

If your air conditioner is up and running just fine, you may be tempted to overlook “minor” issues, like strange sounds or a louder-than-usual operation. We cannot recommend against doing so strongly enough. Your AC may be pumping out cool air right now, but if you don’t have the underlying causes of these sounds resolved, it probably won’t be for much longer.

These sounds and increased noise levels can indicate the need for air conditioning repairs in Mesa, AZ. The longer that they are ignored, the more likely it becomes that your system will suffer serious operational damages. Dial our number to schedule service when your AC starts acting out.

Banging noises are fairly easy to hear in most cases, and tend to cause the most alarm among homeowners. As is the case with any air conditioning problem, there are a few reasons as to why these sounds may develop with your system. You could have a fan blade that is bent, causing it to bang against the unit casing. You could also have a component that has come loose, though. That means that not only is this component at risk of serious damage, but so too are the other components that it is banging into.

Screeching or squealing are other indicators that there is a problem with your system. Oftentimes, this is as simple as a fan or motor belt that is worn out or slipped off. However, it could also mean that a vital part of your air conditioning system is insufficiently lubricated. If this is the case, then you need to have those components lubed up to cut down on the fricition that generates heat, puts components at risk of damage, and reduces energy efficiency.

Hissing may send some people running for fear of snakes. However, that hissing sound you’re hearing may also be the result of a problem with your AC. Air could be leaking out of the ducts in your home, leading to serious energy waste. You could also have refrigerant leaks that are putting the operational quality and the condition of your system as a whole at risk.

If you need any AC services, including repairs, you need only call upon the professionals at North Wind Mechanical.

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