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Is Ice on My Air Conditioner Indicative of a Serious Problem?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this post is: maybe. Ice on your air conditioner is certainly never a good sign, despite the fact that your system is there to cool your home. However, the severity of the problem leading to the icing of your system may vary. Because there are a couple of different potential causes of the the issue, it is important that you contact a trained professional to determine precisely what is wrong with your system. That way, you can go about resolving the right problem, in the right way. Schedule your AC services in Mesa, AZ with us to guarantee that this is the case.

You May Just Need to Change Your Air Filer More Regularly…

The component in your system that is actually responsible for cooling the air in your home is the evaporator coil. In this coil, refrigerant evaporates and absorbs heat from the air surrounding it in the process. If your air filter is too dirty, the airflow moving through the system may be restricted. When this happens, the coil may get too cold, and the condensation that develops on it can ice over. Simply swapping out your air filter with a clean one on a more regular basis can resolve the problem in this instance.

…but You May Also Have a Refrigerant Leak.

A potentially serious cause of the exact same problem is a refrigerant leak, either in the coil itself or somewhere in the refrigerant lines. If your refrigerant levels are low, your coil is not going to be able to absorb a sufficient amount of heat from the air moving over it. Again, when this happens, the condensation removed from the air passing over the coil can ice over, and you may wind up with ice developing.

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