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Should I Be Concerned About Water Pooling Around My AC?

Before we go further, let us just answer the question posed in the title right off the bat: yes. If you see water pooling around your air conditioning air handler (or your furnace, if your heating and cooling systems share ductwork), you need to contact us right away. There are a few reasons as to why you may encounter this particular problem, and you need to hire a trained professional to get to the root of the problem, let alone to resolve it entirely. The potential causes of the issue vary in severity. What is true across the board, though, is that prompt air conditioning repairs in Mesa, AZ are always in your best interest. 

Your Condensate Drain Is Backed Up

This is a pretty easy fix, should the condensate drain be the issue at hand. Your air conditioner, as it cools your home, will draw some of the humidity in the air out. That humidity forms condensation, which must be drained out of your home. That is what the condensate drain pan and drain line are for. If your drain pan is corroded or misaligned, or the drain line itself is compromised, the condensation can pool around the unit.

It Could Be the Result of Melting Ice

Another potential cause of the problem is melting ice, and this could be a more serious issue. Your evaporator coil is where refrigerant draws heat out of the air, with condensation collecting on the coil before draining away. If there is a refrigerant leak in your system, that coil may get cold enough to cause the condensation to freeze. When it thaws, it can overwhelm the drain pan, and wind up all over your floor. Of course, you may also just have a very clogged air filter, which is impeding airflow over the coil and causing the icing. We’ll figure out precisely what is wrong.

Do not hesitate to contact the AC repair pros here at North Wind Mechanical.


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