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Subpar Cooling and Poor Efficiency? Your Evaporator Coil May Be Dirty

In our geographic region, problems with one’s air conditioning system constitute an emergency situation. Even this late in the year, temperatures are still hovering around in the upper 90’s. That is why you need to have any problems with your air conditioner in Mesa, AZ resolved as soon as possible.

There are a number of different factors that may contribute to s subpar performance from your home cooling system. A dirty evaporator coil is one such factor. Fortunately, it is one that our technicians can easily resolve for you.

What Does the Evaporator Coil Do? Why Must It Be Clean?

The evaporator coil, simply put, functions as the heat exchanger in your air conditioning system. It is in this coil that the refrigerant, which serves as your AC’s heat transfer fluid, evaporates. It does so as it absorbs heat from the air passing over and surrounding the evaporator coil. The refrigerant continues on its cycle, going out to the condenser unit and shedding its heat as it is condensed. The process is repeated until target temperatures in your home are met.

Now, if your evaporator coil is covered with dust, dirt, and grime, then it is going to be hard for that coil to successfully absorb heat from the air passing over it. Condensation collects on this coil before dripping into the condensate drain pan, and that can help dust and dirt to adhere to the coil. If the coil is dirty, and heat absorption is impeded enough, the condensation on that coil can actually freeze up. This will create an ice barrier that serves to further insulate the coil, making its job even harder to do.

That will cause the compressor to work over time, pumping refrigerant through your system longer and longer. That drives up energy costs, and the added strain increases the risk of damage to your system. When ice develops, an overheated compressor motor is very possible. While the coil is cleaned during routine maintenance, once a year may not be enough.

When  you run into air conditioning issues of any kind, call North Wind Mechanical, LLC to to have them resolved. 


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