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Why the Size of Your Air Conditioner Matters

Are you in need of a new air conditioning system? We’re already in the midst of some pretty hot weather, and the worst is yet to come. If you need  a brand new air conditioner installed in a new property, or if the time has come to replace your existing air conditioner, be sure to schedule service right away so that you can protect your comfort during the hottest time of the year.

Keep in mind, though, the fact that an air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ is not the type of process that you can afford to rush through. You need more than just a great AC, after all. You need a great air conditioner that is also the best fit possible for your home and its cooling needs. That is why sizing your AC appropriately is so important.

When It Comes to Air Conditioners, Bigger Is Not Always Better

As consumers, we are sometimes led to believe that the biggest, most powerful systems and devices are always the better ones. This is not really true, though. While an undersized air conditioner is obviously going to be problematic, struggling to cool your home effectively while driving up electricity costs in the process, an oversized system is actually no better. It may surprise you to hear that, but the fact of the matter is that installing an AC that is larger than you need in your home is going to have some undesirable results.

First of all, you are going to be paying for a cooling capacity that you’ll just never need. As is the case with any upsell, you should be wary of being told that you must have a more powerful system installed. There is no point in paying more upfront for unnecessary power. Additionally, keep in mind the fact that an oversized AC can actually cool your home down too quickly. This leads to short cycling, as the system will turn on and off too frequently, and makes it difficult for the system to dehumidify your home as much as it ought to. It also puts a lot of unecessary strain on your cooling system.

Contact North Wind Mechanical to ensure that you have the right air conditioner for your needs installed in your home. 

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