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Should I Invest in a Furnace?

The heat is sticking around this year, as it tends to do in our area. While our days are still regularly hitting the 90’s, though, temperatures at night are going to be regularly dropping into the 50’s, and even the 40’s, before long. Your air conditioner may still be getting you through the days, but you are going to need a heating system to get you through our chilly nights this winter. A furnace is tough to beat when it comes to fast, effective heat.

Is a Furnace Right for Me?

We would love to give you a straightforward answer to this question, but the fact is that only you can decide which heating system is the right option for your home. We can, however, help you to better understand the pros and cons of using a furnace. Keep this information in mind when choosing a heater for your living space.

The furnace is very popular, obviously, and with good reason. Using natural or electricity to heat air, and then distributing that heated air throughout a house via a system of ductwork, is a very effective way in which to heat one’s home. Because most homes in this area already have central air conditioning systems, using a furnace makes sense. You can tie the furnace into the existing system to use the same ducts as the AC.

Because of our generally hot climate, though, and our pretty mild winter weather, some homeowners feel like a furnace is just not necessary. If you think that an independent heater is not necessary, and are looking for a heater that will be there when you need it, a heat pump is worth considering. These systems use existing heat in the air outside to heat homes, so they are very efficient, too. Ductless mini splits offer the same benefit, and don’t require ductwork in their operation.

If you do want to guarantee your comfort on even the coldest nights and chilliest days of the year, a furnace will definitely do the job.

Just remember to schedule your furnace services in Mesa, AZ with North Wind Mechanical, LLC.


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