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Why Heat Your Home without Ductwork?

Temperatures drop surprisingly low in this part of the country, which is generally known for its intense summer heat. With nighttime temperatures dropping into the 40’s and 30’s before long, and daytime highs hovering in the 60’s, it’s clear that a good heater is just as important as a quality air conditioner. Still, our winters are relatively mild, so many homeowners look for unique heating methods well-suited to our climate.

If you’re after great efficiency and versatility, then investing in a ductless mini split system in Mesa, AZ makes a lot of sense. The use of heat pump technology, as well as the elimination of ductwork, allows ductless systems to achieve truly outstanding energy efficiency. Just remember that yours must be expertly installed and serviced.

What Makes the System So Efficient?

There are 3 distinct factors that help to make ductless systems so efficient.

  1. The heat transfer process. Like standard air source heat pumps, a ductless mini split system does not burn fuel or use electricity in order to generate heat. Instead, heat is drawn out of the air outdoors via the evaporation of refrigerant in the system. That refrigerant is compressed, and its heat is released inside as the refrigerant is condensed. This heat transfer process requires only a small amount of electricity, and is inherently more efficient than the actual generation of new heat.
  2. No leaky ductwork. A leading cause of energy inefficiency in many homes is leaky ductwork. Air leaks in ductwork lead to temperature imbalances throughout the house, and the heater will have to work harder than it should have to in order to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire house. No ductwork means no risk of leaks!
  3. Simple zone control. Forced air heating systems may utilize a zone control system. With a ductless system, however, this level of control is an inherent part of the design. You simply set the different blowers to different temperatures, heating only those areas that need it.

For outstanding heating and cooling with just one system, schedule a ductless system installation with North Wind Mechanical, LLC.


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