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Are UV Germicidal Lights Necessary?

There is no set answer to this question, as it really depends upon the conditions in each individual home. That being said, there are certainly a great many homeowners that can benefit considerably from the use of UV germicidal lights in Mesa, AZ. Of course, it is necessary that your UV germicidal lights are professionally installed if you hope to reap the full benefits of their use.

While UV germicidal lights may be simple in their operation, their installation and servicing is anything but. Fortunately, you can count on us to ensure that everything is in proper working order. We are more than happy to help you enjoy outstanding indoor air quality in your home.

What Do UV Germicidal Lights Do?

Air filtration systems operate on the basis of removing pollutants from the air that you breathe in your home. That is a great approach for pollutants like dust and dirt. However, it is not ideal for dealing with biological pollutants, including viruses, mold, and bacteria. Why not? Because these biological pollutants are, in fact, living organisms. That means that they are capable of reproduction.

If you manage to trap biological pollutants on a filtering media — which is in no way guaranteed, as many of these pollutants are small enough to pass right through most residential filters — there is still the issue of reproduction to contend with. By destroying these pollutants and interfering with their processes at the DNA level, though, ultraviolet air purifiers can resolve the problem effectively.

Emitting small amounts of UV radiation, which are confined to your ductwork and entirely safe for residents and pets in your home, UV germicidal lights render these biological pollutants incapable of reproduction. The lights require little in the way of maintenance, though bulbs will need occasional replacing.

Contact North Wind Mechanical to learn more about the benefits of UV germicidal lights.

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