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Avoid Issues with Carbon Monoxide This Winter

When you think about heating your home for the winter season, mild as it may be in this part of the country, you probably think about scheduling routine heating maintenance and ensuring that you are able to heat your home efficiently. These are important considerations, of course. The most important consideration, however, is guaranteeing that you are heating your home safely.

When you combust fuel in order to heat your home, you run the risk of exposing those in your home to carbon monoxide. For reasons that we’ll discuss below, it is vital that you have a good carbon monoxide detector in Mesa, AZ. Schedule service with us to ensure that this is the case.

What Makes Carbon Monoxide So Dangerous?

Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of the incomplete combustion of fuels such as natural gas, oil, wood, and coal. Now, many gases can be dangerous. Natural gas, which is very commonly used in homes, can be dangerous. That being said, natural gas is something that we willingly bring into our homes. That gives us a chance to add an odor to it, which serves as an early warning system.

Carbon monoxide cannot have any chemicals or odors added to it, because it is a byproduct. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. That means that humans truly are incapable of detecting it with the use of their own senses. Fortunately, you can protect yourself with a CO detector.

You should have multiple carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home. This is essential in keeping yourself and your family safe. While early exposure signs of CO poisoning may include nausea and headaches, death is a very real possibility after enough exposure.

If you are ready to schedule professional CO detector installation services, just call upon the pros here at North Wind Mechanical, LLC.

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