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How Can Dry Air Affect Me?

Living in an arid climate has its benefits. For instance, we don’t have to deal with oppressive, uncomfortable humidity during the summer season. It definitely gets very hot, but the dry heat is certainly preferable to most. There are many ways, however, in which very low humidity levels can negatively affect you, your home, and your health.

We are definitely moving into the cooler time of the year, with nighttime temperatures already falling into the forties and, occasionally, the thirties. As temperatures fall, humidity tends to as well. As you run your heater during the coming chilly night, make sure that you are not reheating and circulating air throughout your home that is excessively dry. Consider using a whole-house humidifier in Mesa, AZ.

Your Comfort

Very dry air can make the air feel chillier than it actually is. While too much humidity can make the air feel oppressively hot in the summer, the right amount of humidity can make the heated air in your home feel more comfortable in the winter. Plus, you can avoid issues like annoying and painful static shocks, chapped lips, nosebleeds, and cracking skin by keeping the air sufficiently humidified.

Your Health

Did you know that very dry air can actually lead to an increased risk of illness? No, dry air itself is not going to make you sick, just like cold air itself won’t do so. It can lead your mucous membranes and nasal passages to dry out, though. When that happens, you are much more susceptible to illness than if your body’s faculties were working properly.

Your Home

If you think that your comfort and your health can stand up to very dry air, what about the condition of your property? When the air is too dry, wood can split. Paint can chip. Wallpaper can crack. Because we live in such a dry area, low humidity levels can be a year round problem. That means that a whole-house humidifier is definitely a good investment.

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