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How Do Smoke Detectors Work?

Living comfortably is an important goal to achieve, but there is one goal that beats all others when it comes to life in your home. That is maintaining a safe environment therein. If you have any safety concerns in your home, they need to be resolved promptly so that you and your family are protected. One of the most effective ways in which to ensure that your home is as safe as possible is to have reliable smoke detectors installed in Mesa, AZ.

A house fire is not something that any homeowner really wants to think about. The fact of the matter, though, is that fires are a very real threat, and they require prompt action when they break out. For this reason, you really must have smoke detectors that you can count on installed throughout your home. How do they work, though?

Well, that really depends upon what type of smoke detector you are using in the first place. Ionization smoke detectors hold a small amount of radioactive material in an ionization chamber. That may sound a bit threatening, but these thermostats are perfectly safe. The ionization in this chamber allows for a current to flow between electrically charged plates. The current is reduced when smoke enters the chamber and disrupts the ions. This causes the alarm to sound, alerting you to the danger present in your home. These devices register even small amounts of smoke, so they are great for detecting fast burning fires.

Not all fires flare up quickly, though. Some may smolder for a while before the flames really break out. Photoelectric smoke detectors are ideal for detecting this type of fire. They are more sensitive to the large combustion particles present with smoldering fires, and use a  light source to detect them. When smoke enters the chamber and scatters the light, the alarm goes off. There are also dual sensor smoke detectors available, which make use of both technologies.

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