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What Is a Zone Control System?

Obviously, we run our air conditioning systems around the clock for much of the year in this part of the country. If you use a traditional central air conditioning system, meaning a centralized AC that distributes conditioned air throughout your home with ductwork, then you may want to consider the use of a zone control system in Mesa, AZ as well. A zone control system helps you to use your central AC, and/or forced air heating system, with greater control than ever before.

In doing so, it can help you to cut down on energy use without sacrificing your comfort. It can also help you to reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system. Just remember that you must schedule your zone control system services with qualified professionals, such as those on our team.

How Does It Work, and What Are the Benefits?

A zone control system comprises a few basic components. These are multiple thermostats, with one installed in each temperature zone, electronic dampers, and a central control panel. The dampers are installed in your ductwork, and are wired into your central control panel. The thermostats also wire into this panel. When you adjust the temperature at any given thermostat, the corresponding damper(s) will adjust, allowing more or less conditioned air into that area of the house.

That means that you don’t have to cool empty bedrooms as much as you do, for example, a crowded kitchen that has the oven on for dinner. Entertaining guests in the den? Then you may want to cool things down a bit more in there than you would in an unused home office. Bedtime drawing closer? Why not maintain warmer temperatures in your bedroom throughout the day, but adjust their temperature shortly before bed so you don’t have to wait for them to cool down when you want to be sleeping.

When you use your zone control system strategically, you can live in greater comfort while paying less to do so. To get the best results, though, you really must schedule your zone control system installation with experienced professionals. That’s where our technicians come in.

Let North Wind Mechanical, LLC help you to enjoy the best performance possible from your zone control system.

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