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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps in Mesa, AZ

Our winter weather here in Arizona is pretty mild. That doesn't mean that temperatures never drop below a comfortable level, of course. Indeed, you are going to need to have a reliable heating system installed on your property, even if you do not use that heater as much as you do your home cooling system. If you are interested in heating your home in a very efficient, eco-friendly manner, and in using that very same system in order to cool your home effectively throughout the hottest time of the year, then a heat pump is precisely what you're looking for.

A heat pump can be a huge advantage to those homeowners interested in convenience and affordability when it comes to keeping their homes comfortable. Just remember, though, that any HVAC system is really only as good as the quality of the repair and services that it receives; especially high quality systems known for dependability, such as Trane. When you are ready to schedule any type of heat pump service in Mesa, AZ, from installations and replacements to routine maintenance and unexpected repairs, North Wind Mechanical is the company to call. Call us today to learn more.

Benefits of Using a Heat Pump

The major benefit of using a heat pump is the fact that not only does a heat pump both heat and cool a home, but that it can heat a home with truly outstanding efficiency. To fully understand the benefits of the heat pump, you must have a basic idea of how a heat pump works. During the summer season, a heat pump operates much like a traditional central cooling system. Its refrigerant cycle allows it to draw heat out of the air in your home, and to redistribute that cooled air throughout your house.

During the winter, though, the heat pump is able to do the opposite, thanks to a component called a reversing valve. With its refrigerant cycle reversed, the heat pump is able to draw heat out of the air outside. It then compresses the warmed refrigerant, further boosting its thermal energy, and uses that energy to heat the interior of one’s home. This heat transfer process is extremely efficient, as no heat is actually generated.

We Can Install and Replace Your Heat Pump

When investing in a heating and cooling system renowned for its energy efficiency, you really want to know that your system is going to function as efficiently as it ought to. That is why you need to schedule your heat pump installation with a member of our team. We can complete a heating and cooling load calculation to determine just what size of heat pump will benefit you the most, and we’ll make sure that it is installed with the utmost care. We can even fabricate custom ductwork for your system if need be. Trane heat pumps have long lifespans, but only when properly installed and serviced. Just remember that no heating and/or cooling system will last forever. Eventually, you’ll need to have your system replaced. When the time for a heat pump replacement does arrive, have our number handy.

We Also Offer Outstanding Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance Services

A major difference between a heat pump and, say, a furnace or a central AC, is that your heat pump is working all year long. That level of wear and tear can really take a toll on your system if you do not care for it accordingly. Eventually, especially considering the climate here in Mesa, you are going to require heat pump repairs. No system is 100% reliable, and the heat pump is not the exception to this rule. Remember, though, that annual heat pump maintenance can certainly help to minimize the risk of encountering problems with your system, and that it can help to keep these issues as minor as possible. When repairs are necessary, our team is here to help. Let us keep your heat pump in great working condition for you.