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Thermostats in Mesa, AZ

The single component of your HVAC system with which you have the most direct contact is surely the thermostat. It is your thermostat, after all, which allows you to regulate the operation of your home heating and air conditioning systems. Without a great thermostat installed in your home, it would be impossible for you to successfully heat and cool your living space and stay comfortable in our brutal Mesa AZ summers.

That is precisely why you need to schedule a professional thermostat installation or replacement. Not only must you know for certain that your thermostat is installed properly, but also that you are using the right thermostat for your own personal user preferences. That is why we recommend working with a member of the North Wind Mechanical team. We'll help you to determine which thermostat is best suited for use in your home.

Choosing the Right Thermostat

There are a lot of different thermostats on the market today. So many, in fact, that determining which is the ideal model can actually be quite difficult. Familiarizing yourself with the available models Trane has available is the best way in which to ensure that you wind up with the right thermostat in your home.

  • Digital thermostats are among the most basic of all thermostats out there, and are also among the most popular. With an easy–to–read display and push–button controls, you can set temperatures accurately and conveniently. We recommend opting for a programmable model.
  • Wireless thermostats are also quite popular, and with good cause. With a wireless thermostat, a sensor is hardwired into the system. The thermostat itself operates wirelessly, allowing you to adjust temperatures without getting up or crawling out of your bed at night.
  • Smart thermostats are the most advanced thermostats on the market today, and have a great capacity for making homes more efficient and comfortable. With a smart thermostat, you can control your system remotely with an internet–enabled device. You can also track energy usage and review energy reports to determine what changes can be made to boost efficiency further.

You Need a Professional Thermostat Installation

The thermostat may not strike you as being the most complex piece of HVAC equipment in your home, but this does not mean that you can afford to take any chances with the quality of its installation. The thermostat must be wired into the HVAC system correctly, or else it is not going to function properly in regulating the performance of that system. The thermostat must also be installed in a spot that is not only convenient to access, but also which is indicative of the true temperature within your home. We’ll make sure that direct sunlight and/or issues such as drafts are not throwing off your thermostat’s performance.

Is It Time for a Thermostat Replacement?

If so, then give us a call! We are more than happy to help you fully understand your replacement options. There’s no reason as to why you should have to use the same type of thermostat that you always have. You just may find that there is a model better suited to your needs, even if you didn’t realize it previously. Whatever thermostat you decide to go with, regardless of your reason for deciding to replace your old one, you can trust our technicians to integrate your replacement thermostat into your system correctly.