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Duct Testing

Duct Testing in Mesa, AZ

Various types of HVAC systems, including furnaces, heat pumps, and central air conditioners, use air ducts in order to distribute heated and cooled air throughout homes. This is a very effective way in which to maintain a comfortable environment in one's living space, and these systems prove to be exceedingly popular year after year. Of course, if the air ducts that these systems use are not in good working condition, one cannot hope to heat or cool his or her home with the outstanding results desired.

Now, you cannot easily access your ductwork in order to visually inspect it, and many breaches that develop in air ducts may be small enough that you'd overlook them even if you could inspect the system on your own. Fortunately, you don't have to. Instead, you can dial our number to schedule thorough, professional duct testing services in Mesa, AZ. With North Wind Mechanical on your team, you can count on getting the information that you need to resolve the problems with your air ducts successfully.

When Should I Schedule Professional Duct Testing?

Testing ducts is a job that only a properly trained and equipped professional can handle, but it is up to you to determine if you need to schedule this beneficial service to begin with. That is why you need to learn to recognize potential signs of problems with your ductwork. One of the most common is an increase in your heating or cooling costs. If you are not using your HVAC system any differently than usual, you shouldn’t see any major fluctuations in your heating and cooling costs. This could indicate that your ducts are leaking. Hot and cold spots developing throughout your home, along with subpar indoor air quality, are also reason enough to consider scheduling professional duct testing services.

Why Hire a Professional to Test My Air Ducts?

There is no simple instructional video that you can watch online in order to learn how to test ducts on your own. This procedure requires certain equipment, and the skill and expertise to use it properly, that is simply not readily available to homeowners. When you schedule duct testing with us, we will seal off your registers and vents in order to make your ductwork a closed system. We will then use a finely calibrated fan to pressurize your ductwork. We will carefully monitor the pressure within the system. If there is a difference between the pressure that we are putting into it, and the pressure that it retains, then you likely have leaks in your system that will need to be resolved.

Benefits of Testing Ducts

There are a number of different problems that could develop with your HVAC system which could result in reduced efficiency levels, uneven heating and cooling, or other issues. These problems could even be the result of subpar insulation in your home, or other such conditions. By testing your air ducts, we can determine with certainty if they are at the root of the problem. We can also narrow down the potential location of any problems, and get a handle on how serious of an issue we are dealing with. That way, we can make an informed decision about how best to go about fixing the problem, rather than going in blind and hoping for the best. Contact us today if you are ready to schedule duct testing services with professional technicians that you can trust.