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Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors in Mesa, AZ

When you are at home, you deserve more than to just live comfortably. You deserve to live safely, as well. The single most important thing that you can do in order to ensure not only your own safety, but that of everyone else in your home as well, is to have a good smoke detector installed in your residence. Not only that, but you must know for certain that your smoke detector is installed and serviced by a qualified individual. The fact that you are reading this right now suggests that you are well on your way to doing so.

At North Wind Mechanical, we put your safety above all else. That is why you can count on us to install a quality smoke detector in your home, and to do so with the skill and care that such an important job demands. Don't let the risk of a fire in your home weigh heavily on your mind. When we install your smoke detectors in your Mesa home, you can rest assured in knowing that any potential issues will be brought to your attention immediately.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are two basic types of smoke detectors:

  • Ionization smoke detectors are very responsive to actively burning fires. There is a small amount of radioactive material in these smoke detectors, held within an ionization chamber. The ionization causes a current to flow between the electrically charged plates. When smoke makes its way into this chamber, it reduces the current flow by disrupting the ions, and the alarm sounds.
  • Photoelectric smoke alarms respond better to fires that smolder for some time before flames really break out. Light is aimed at a sensing chamber within the alarm, angled away from a sensor. When smoke enters, the light reflects on the sensor, and the alarm will go off.

Using both types of alarms is recommended for comprehensive coverage. You may invest in different alarms of different styles, or opt for combination alarms that use both of these technologies.

We Will Install Your Smoke Detectors Properly

A smoke detector installation is not a DIY appropriate project. You are literally trusting your safety and your life to this device, and you cannot afford to take any chances with the overall quality of its operation. When you work with our team, you never will. We will cover your options with you, and you can count on us to use only quality products when it comes to your smoke detector services. We will also install your smoke alarm in an appropriate area, where it will have the advantage in providing you with an early warning should a fire break out in your home. We can also interconnect your smoke alarms, so that all of them will go off when smoke is present anywhere in your home.

Do You Need Smoke Detector Replacement Services?

Does your smoke detector keep giving you false alarms? Are your existing smoke detectors of the age at which they are recommended for replacement? Did you have your devices tested, only to find the results unsatisfactory? Whatever your reasons for considering smoke detector replacement services, we are the experts that you want on the job. We can handle your smoke alarm maintenance needs, testing them and ensuring that any hardwiring is operating properly. If it turns out that your smoke alarms are unreliable or unresponsive, we can replace them with new, more dependable models. When it comes to your safety, you cannot be over–prepared.